Can You Bring Snacks to Jazz Fest? A Guide for Festival-Goers

Going to a festival is always an exciting experience, and JazzFest is no exception. Eating before you go out gives you the opportunity to explore the grounds and take in all the sights and sounds. Unlike outside drinks, food is allowed at JazzFest, so you can bring snacks to enjoy throughout the day. Folding chairs, blankets, and tarpaulins are all great places to sit and listen to the music.

However, it's important to remember that outside food and drinks are prohibited on the premises, except for factory-sealed water bottles. At JazzFest, food is just as much of a reward as the bands that play. There's so much to choose from that it's impossible to try it all, so bringing boxes home with you is a great idea. Your best bet is to make sure you pair any drinks you have with some of the delicious local dishes like crayfish bread or jambalaya.

You can also bring a 6 by 8 foot reversible canvas to create your own space on the grounds. Add a blanket for some extra padding and lie back and enjoy the fresh air, sun, and music. Just remember to leave enough space around your tarpaulin or blanket for safe foot passage, and reserving space of more than 6 by 8 feet is strictly prohibited. As excited as everyone is to return to the fairgrounds, it's important to plan ahead for things like transportation, big crowds, and what you should bring. There are many unique crafts from artisans who set up stands at JazzFest, but there are also certain items that are not allowed on the premises.

NEW ORLEANS (NOLA WEEKEND) - For the first time in two years, the New Orleans JAZZ and Heritage Festival returns. The mission of the New Orleans Jazz& Heritage Festival is to promote, preserve, perpetuate and promote Louisiana's music, arts, culture and heritage. JazzFest offers an amazing outdoor music festival experience without having to spend a lot of money on pop acts. Two years have passed since the last JazzFest, and although Covid-19 cases are rising again in Louisiana, there will be no mandate for vaccination, testing or wearing masks to attend the festival. JazzFest Express tickets and tickets are available for sale on the days of the Festival from these locations or in advance. Only JazzFest Express vehicles will use a special ticket to avoid traffic and bring Festival attendees to the Festival's gates.

Most people know him as George Wein's producer of the New Orleans Jazz& Heritage Festival (JazzFest).