The Largest Jazz Festivals Around the World

Are you a jazz enthusiast looking for the best places to experience the best of jazz? Look no further! From Montreal to Denton, from Jakarta to Monterrey, and from Trinidad and Tobago to Montreux, there are plenty of jazz-festivals around the world that will satisfy your craving for the best jazz music. The Montreal International Jazzfestival is the largest jazzfestival in the world. It has been a continuous jazzy festival since the early 1980s and has broken the world record, holding the Guinness World Record of 2004 as the busiest jazzfestival entertaining more than two million people. It has more than 3000 artists from more than 30 countries who perform in more than 650 concerts.

The festival is held on 20 stages, including free indoor concert halls and outdoor stages. During the jazzfestival, parts of Montreal are closed for ten days from noon to midnight to allow several outdoor shows to be held at different locations at the same time. The Java JazzFestival is another great event that takes place every March in Jakarta, Indonesia. This event is considered to be the largest jazzy festival in the southern hemisphere and features popular Indonesian jazz-artists such as Yura Yunita and international jazz-artists such as Arturo Sandoval and Stevie Wonder. The Denton Jazz-Fest is another great event that has earned a strong reputation for providing the best in entertainment and art in the North Texas metropolitan area.

Founded on the belief that all forms of art should be available to the general public FOR FREE, this event has become one of North Texas's biggest tourist attractions and remains Denton's landmark event. The Monterrey JazzFestival in September is a full musical event that includes more than 100 performances, workshops, films, conferences and exhibitions. The Montreux Jazzfestival opened on June 18, 1967 and was founded by Claude Nobs, Géo Voumard and René Langel with the considerable help of Ahmet and Nesuhi Ertegun of Atlantic Records. Lucia Jazz&Art Festival held in May is another great event for those who want to continue traveling and enjoying other islands in the Caribbean. Arguably one of the biggest free jazzy events in the world is held at the end of August in Millennium Park.

This culturally rich jazzy show celebrates the roots of Trinidad and Tobago's indigenous jazzy with artists such as Wyclef Jean and Grace Jones. This event has been held since 1979, making it one of the most distinguished jazz-festivals in Europe and around the world. The best place to enjoy the best and latest jazzling is still Montreal International Jazzfestival, which is held annually in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.